Kind Words
Kevin Huang is an ideal educator because he possesses the perfect combination of technical filmmaking knowledge, educational skill, and understanding of film as a business. I worked with him as a director and cinematographer on countless short films and commercials over the course of 4 years, and he was consistently a leader on set. He knew exactly when to contribute his own creative ideas and when to step back and allow a collaborator’s vision to flourish.

Over the course of our work together in a professional film organization at UC Berkeley, Kevin envisioned, developed and executed a semester-long education program in filmmaking for our new members. Beginning with the fundamentals of film analysis and culminating in a month-long short film production, he designed a comprehensive syllabus to make sure that everyone who took his course was prepared to perform well on set. When I was crewing my own productions, I had confidence that any of Kevin’s former students would execute their roles efficiently and professionally.

In addition to his educational endeavors, Kevin took the reins of DKA Productions, our student-run commercial production company, and rebuilt it from the ground up. Recognizing the variable quality of our output in past years, he introduced lead cinematographer and editor positions to ensure that anyone working in those roles had a mentor and supervisor who could ensure that any work delivered to clients met his high standards. Under his leadership, the company nearly doubled its profits from the previous year, all while ensuring higher production value on our projects than ever before.

More than most people I’ve met in the filmmaking world, Kevin understands that film is both an art and a business, and that any aspiring filmmaker must find balance between the two in order to achieve success. He is simultaneously an artist, a businessman and an educator, and I trust him to pass along a potent combination of those skills to his students. I have complete faith that anyone who learns from Kevin will be well-placed to succeed in a university film program or as a freelancer, whichever path they decide to take.

- Casey Currey-Wilson, Delta Kappa Alpha Alumnus and Former President of Eta Chapter


From Harvard Graduate School of Education, Instructional Leadership Program